Independent Living Units

Aminya owns twenty eight (28) Independent Living Units, most are adjacent to the residential aged facility.

There are two units comprising a lounge/dining, kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bathroom and outdoor area.

The remaining units provide lounge/dining, kitchen, 1 bedroom, bathroom and garden areas.

These units provide a comfortable living environment in close proximity to all community services.

Vacancies arise infrequently with new tenants selected depending on personal circumstances.  All tenants must be aged 55 or over and a waiting list may apply.

Entry is by payment of License to Occupy fee, which does not incur stamp duty, plus a weekly General Service Fee (GSF).  The GSF covers routine maintenance, council and water rates, building insurance and assistance with maintaining garden areas or by fortnightly rental.

Tenants are eligible to receive the same range of community support that is available to other members of the community.

Tenants are responsible for electricity costs, insurance of personal furniture and other items not provided by Aminya.

On leaving a unit, refund arrangements apply in accordance with the agreement entered into on commencement of occupancy.  Any outstanding fees and charges may be deducted from the License fee balance.

Aminya is responsible for maintaining and replacing items provided inculding stove, air conditioners, and floor coverings.

Aminys does not provide personal, nursing, transport or home help in the units.  These services are available from other community and private providers.