Fees and charges

The Australian Government pays for the bulk of aged care services.  The Australian Government regulates fees and charges with these being varied twice each year to reflect changes to the aged pension and other regulations.
There are several factors that influence the fees and charges a resident pays to live in the aged care home. Aminya encourages all prospective residents to obtain specialist financial and legal advice to assist in determining individual circumstances and options.
Arrangements at Aminya are consistent with Government rules and regulations.
Permanent residents at Aminya before 1 July 2014 will continue to have fees and charges determined in accordance with applicable regulations.
You can expect to pay a few different fee types, depending on your financial situation as determined by Centrelink.
The daily fees cover living costs and personal care.  The basic daily fee is payable by all residents, with an additional means-tested care fee payable based on Centrelink's assessment of your income and assets.
You may be asked to pay an accommodation price as set by us if Centrelink deems you can afford to.  You can pay in a lump sum called a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD), which is refunded when you leave the home, a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) ,which is non-refundable, or through a combination of the two.
For Example:
Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) of $450,000.00 or
Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) of $102.82 (calculated at 8.34% MPIR from 1 April 2024 - 30 June 2024. MPIR subject to indexation) or
A Combination of RAD and DAP for example: RAD of $225,000.00 and a DAP of $51.41.
If Centrelink deems you can't affored to pay the total accommodation price but your assets are such that you can afford to contribute to your care, they will set an Accommodation Contribution figure.  Again this can be paid in a lump sum called a Refundable Accommodation Contribution (RAC), which is refunded when you leave the home, a Daily Accommodation Contribution (DAC), which is non-refundable, or through a combination of the two.
Generally, your medication and any medical appointments as well as the cost of your transport to and from appointments are not covered under the above fees.
You will also need to buy your own clothes and pay for personal services like hairdressing, papers and magazines and special outings.
For more information in relation to fees and charges visit the My Aged Care Website.  Aminya encourages prospective residents and their family members (or representative) to obtain independent legal and financial advice.
For an explanation of the type of fees you may be required to pay entering an aged care home please visit My Aged Care Website.

General Purpose Financial Report (GPFR) Publication

From the 2021-2022 financial year onwards, approved providers who are required to lodge a GPFR to the Department, are also required to publish their GPFR online. Please see the link below to Aminya's 2022-2023 GPFR Publication. 

Aminya Financial Statement 2023