Aminya is a commonwealth funded residential aged care facility.


About Us

In mid-2015 the Board of Aminya approved a proposal for 10 additional residential aged care places and a grant of $1.5 million to finance the construction of the additional places. In addition the Board identified that a local contribution of $700,000 would be required. Approval of the submission was received in May 2016.
The board invited Brown Falconer, Architects, to prepare plans and specifications for the additional places based on a design consistent with the 18 places which were built during 2014/15. Kennett Builders commenced in mid-October 2016 with completion on schedule in June 2017.
Formal approval to occupy the new places was received in June 2017. Overall the project has resulted in 10 extra full time equivalent positions being created. New residents were admitted from 25 June 2017 with all places being occupied within three weeks.
The additional places have allowed Aminya to provide increased respite services. Current indications are that the capacity to provide sufficient respite to meet the needs of the community will again be limited due to the continuing demand for permanent placement.
Planning is an on-going process for both further development as well as the maintenance and enhancement of infrastructure.
Refurbishment of the older areas of Aminya is being scheduled over the next three years with a budget of $300,000 having been established.